Self Portraits Tribute Album

Self Portraits Tribute Album

We are happy to announce that we contributed the track "Little Moses" to a compilation album produced by our guitarist, Robert Heirendt. This album is a tribute to Bob Dylan's album "Self Portrait" which was considered by many to be "the worst album ever made." Leave it to our guitarist to come up with crazy and creative ideas like this! Self Portraits features seventeen tracks from artists including Boston Ravine, The Moore Brothers, Juliet Gobert and Homer Wills, Michael Roe, North Country Blue, Ben Goldberg and Andrew Stephens, and many other wonderful musicians! This tribute will also support immigrant children at the borders, as 100% of the profits will go to the Young Center for Immigrant Children's Rights.

Amazing cover art by Juli Marks, who happens to be our momager! 

>> Purchase album here it's for an important cause!

>> Visit the Self Portraits website to learn more about the artists, inspiration, and charity:


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